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*Silence Into Light: A Conductor's Guide

By James Jordan & Dan Wells (Forthcoming 2022) 
GIA Publications


Intonational Solfege 
By James Jordan, John Frederic Hudson, Kathy Kessler Price, Kathy Ebling-Shaw, and Dan Wells (2022)
GIA Publications

​Contributed chapter discussing the science behind equal temperament versus just intonation and Pythagorean intonation as well as practical examples for how to implement this science into the choral rehearsal. 

Aligning Music To STEM: Theory and Practice for Middle School Music Teachers
Edited by Frank Abrahams (2020)
GIA Publications

​Contributed lesson plans integrating music into STEM based curriculum. 

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The Moral Acoustics of Sound: The Human Resonances of Musicians
By James Jordan (2018)
GIA Publications

​Contributed chapter concerning the pyscho-acoustic phenomenon of honesty and cognitive dissonance in music making. 

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Becoming Musical 
Edited ​Frank Abrahams and Ryan John (2017)
GIA Publications

​Contributed chapter titled "Body, Mind, Ear: The New Musical Trio" which discusses the connection between these aspects of the musician and its implications for music education. 

The Conductor as Prism: The Power of Metaphor in Artistry 
By James Jordan (2017) 
GIA Publications 

Contributed the final chapter titled "The Construction of the Prism and the Origin of our Light Source" which analyzes the psychotherapy method IFS and its connections to conducting. 

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